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Dr. Wheslley Peruzetto graduated from USP in 2002.

  • Specialization in Periodontics 

  • Specialization in Aesthetic Dentistry 

  • Master degree and Specialization in Implantology 

  • Specialization in Endodontics

  • Director of Periodontology and Implantodontics in the Brazil Navy from 2008 to 2010 

  • Best Clinical Cases Awards by 3M ESPE and the and Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry

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The dental treatment begins with radiographs (x-rays) and a thorough cleaning to provide diagnosis of oral problems (caries, gingival and root canal treatment, prosthesis and implants, aesthetic and functional interventions) and treatment planning of comprehensive care for the overall health of the patient.

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Dr. Wheslley Marin Peruzetto  CRO 77.524

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Vila Olímpia - São Paulo SP

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