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smart dentistry
  • A multidisciplinar approach optimizes the treatment in few appointments.

  • During treatments, patients watche movies to entertain and relax.

  • All the resources that we use to optmize your treatment:

_ digital anesthesia

no pain or disconfort with less anesthetics (numbing medication)

_ digital entreteinment and support

put your earphones and learn or entertain yourself while your treatment is going on

fully electronic medical record on the cloud

safety, organization, sustentability and agility

_ fast and direct digital communication through WhatsApp

agility, clarity and proximity, totally paperless!

_ Surgitel ® loupes and headlights

to enhance visualization and maximizes the results

_ Nikon digital camera

for photographic documentation and planning

_ intraoral camera

to visualize treatments, clarifying them

_ all resources and equipments needed

for high quality treatments

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