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_ periodontology

Periodontology is the study of the specialized system of hard and soft tissues that supports your teeth and maintains their position in the jaws. These structures, known as the periodontium, has some very important functions: it securely attaches the teeth to the jaw; it acts as a shock absorber during biting and chewing and therefore helps to prevent damage to the teeth from excessive forces; and it maintains the teeth in a stable position within the jaw so that they work together efficiently and comfortably during chewing. In many ways, the mouth mir of the general condition of your body.  In particular, our periodontal status can often tell us more than simply what is happening locally in and around our gums. Although periodontitis is always triggered by plaque accumulation on the teeth, diseases affecting the rest of the body, known as systemic diseases, can weaken the supporting structures of the teeth.

_ cosmetics in periodontology

Cosmetic treatment of the smile line is often a wide-range scenario where teeth, periodontal tissues, and lip position interact. Surgeries  such as crown lenghtening and root coverage grafts can be performed to improve the look of the gingiva around the front surface of teeth.

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